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Troubleshooting the Meritex box

Inside the Meritex - Checking AC

Light/bulb works but the controlling box don't.

  • Unmoount controlling box to check switch etc. to see where is the problem
  • It looks like a faux-contact somewhere between the main board (5v) and the 20v transfo (inside the box)
  • Unmounting the main board

⇒ Now it's working again, but we don't not exactly why. Maybe the metal part covering the main board is producing interference in a way or another.

We decide to go on and install richard and diana's system.

Setting Up the iJK system (Nanolab technologies)

Principle scheme

Using Phidgets relays and motor controller :, doc. about the relay :

Installing the software and plugin the phidget boards to the computer.

Connecting projector and camera pushbutton and switches to the phidget board in parallel, in order to be able to close the circuits with the buttons, or with the relays of the phidget board.

Parallel wires from pushbuttons and switches to iJK box

info attention si autres manipulations de la carte : on a dénudé les fils avec une pince coupante, donc s'il y a plusieurs manipulation du boitier et des cartes par la suite, il est possible que les fils coupent.

To use automatic command, the switches projector and camera must be positioned toward the right side (position “avant”). Direction buttons

Installing the actuator, that will automatically change the position of the shutter of the camera. The actuator has 5 outputs, 2 for the ac power, 3 sending information about the position of the actuator.

Drilling holes in the box to put the two phidget boards in it. Phidget boards on board

Programming course

Bug #1 : Au démarrage il faut utiliser les fonctions du cadre “print”, et psa les cadres du haut 'proj' et 'camera', sinon ça ne marche pas.

Bug#2 : Avec le cadre Print, le première passage fait toujours 1 pas de projecteur en moins, et sur le dernier passage il fait 1 pas de projecteur en plus. Par exemple si on commande 3 projecteur frames pour 9 camera frames, le premier passage va faire 2 mouvement de camera, le deuxième passage fait 3 mouvement (comme prévu), le dernier fait 4 mouvement de camera. La première fois on a une fois de moins d'image camera, la dernière fois une de plus.

Script box : langage is javacript you need a semi-colon at the end of each instruction (line) You can add notes, with two '/' before your line. Something to do to remember what you are asking.

Shutter : ce n'est pas un pourcentage mais un decimal (entre 0 et 1)

Things to check with the programmer of the iJK program:

  • Delays : makes sure delays are thoses coded in the config file.
  • Slowness : when we run scripts, extra delays appears
  • Libraries as an options : add files with custom functions that will be loaded on startup
  • Langage : can we use arrays and arrays.length inside functions ⇒ are core function of javascript available?

Meritex issues

Pour se plus subir les caprices de la meritex :

Arduino solution

Créer un système capable de controler le AC motor (camera) et le Stepper motor (projecteur) :

  • Activer les moteurs
  • Lire les feedback des microswitches intégrés aux moteurs
  • Déclencher les moteurs en fonction des relais de la boite de Nanolab.

Materiel nécessaire : (proposition)

  • Arduino
  • extension arduino pour Relais
  • extension arduino pour Stepper controller

No Arduino solution Principle scheme for Meritex replacement For AC motor : Utiliser les relais libres de la phidget board. Et on alimente un micro switch du moteur en 12v lequel déclenche un autre relais electromécanique de base, qui envoie du 120v au moteur. On déclenche le moteur avec une impulsion à travers le relais digital phidget en utilisant le logiciel iJK. On maintient le moteur alimenté grace au microswitch intégré. et voilà ! (pour le ac motor seulement).

For Stepper motor Exactly the same as the stepper motor is in fact used as a normal motor…

Final Touch

the Truca is … SAVED!

we completely replaced the Meretrix box. Emptied it out and put our Phidgets stuff inside. It all works properly now.

It may be desirable to put in a switch that can choose between operating via the PC and a manual mode where you can just push the buttons and choose between forwards and backwards. To do that, you would need a double pole single throw switch and also the two single pole single throw switches that were on the original box that controlled forward and backwards of the camera and projector. At the moment, those two switches have been removed.

I would have to draw what I think would work for that. Quite easy. I just didn't have the double pole switch to add that.

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