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Panel 3 - The Intervening Substance

Panelists : Nicola Baldini (FILM Ferrania, IT), Esther Urlus (Filmwerkplaats, NL), Emmanuel Lefrant (Light Cone, FR). Moderation : Martin Reinhart (Filmmaker, AT)

Nicola Baldini

Emmanuel Lefrant

Screening and extracts of the films :

Chernobyl, Chronicle of Difficult Weeks, 1988, by Vladimir Shevshenko. 3 months film. Chernobyl : 25/04/1986. Shevshenko died in 1987 before the film was released.

Degradation #1, X-ray : part 2. Government radiation by James Schneider

Stadt in Flammen by Schmelzdahin

Parties visible et invisible d'un ensemble sous tension by Emmanuel Lefrant

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