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Technical knowledges & human souvenirs about of analogue film practise resulting from the project RE MI

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Film in the present tense International symposium on current developments in analog film culture.

Panel 5 - Old Battles, New Treaties

Panelists : Prof. Dr. Christa Blümlinger (Université Paris 8, FR), Guy Edmonds (University of Plymouth, UK), Olga Moskatova (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, DE). Moderation : Dr. Kim Knowles (Aberystwyth University, UK)

Christa Blümlinger

An intervention based on « Théories-manifestes des cinéastes et artistes face au numérique » by Christa BLÜMLINGER, published in Recherches sémiotiques / Semiotic Inquiry, Volume 31, numéro 1-2-3, 2011 [publié en 2015], p. 95-111 – available in it's entierty on

Picture of the installation “Motion Picture” by Peter Tscherkasssky (© Peter Tscherkassky)

Guy Edmonds



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