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This was part of BAINS ARGENTIQUES ~ Nantes's International Film Labs Meeting - 4 » 9 july, 2016


Monday 4th July 2016

Notes by Ryder White

Definitive template [29/11/17] :

This file is the template file for laser printing. It needs to be opened in Photoshop in order to see the guides that designate the frame, soundtrack, and perforation areas. Simply generate your desired film files in this template, copy those over to a file the size of piece of paper of whatever size you want to print, print a copy to see exactly where the toner will end up on the page, tape down your film along the perforated side over that printed area (just 3 small pieces of tape should be enough), and then run it through the printer again. Note that you will likely need to do some tests with this file, scaling up and down slightly, to get frame-accurate alignment with whatever printer and leader/stock you're using.

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