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This was part of BAINS ARGENTIQUES ~ Nantes's International Film Labs Meeting - 4 » 9 july, 2016

Bolex camera as a contact printer with Richard Tuohy

Prepare the negative with leader at the tail, because it is tail-first printing

Negative and raw filmstock are bi-packed in the Bolex camera, emulsion facing each other.

Negative needs to be head out/ emulsion up/ sprocketholes towards you.

Raw filmstock needs to have emulsion in/ sprocketholes towards you.

On a winder, wind the 2 together, filling the spool 'like a cup of tea', leaving a little space. Depending on filmstock, in dark or in red light.

Wind camera

Set speed to 12 fps

Load Bolex, making sure to align the sprocketholes of both films.

Bolex as a contactprinter 1 from FILMVERKSTADEN on Vimeo.

Check image and printstock, by choosing T and opening the shutter.

Now it is time to expose. Exposure is critical, so you will need to test!

Bounce light off a white wall, making a 90 degree angle with the camera without lens. Holding camera around 20 cm from wall. Orw expose by pointing at the sky

Bolex as a contactprinter 2 from FILMVERKSTADEN on Vimeo.

If you need less light, change the speed or the shutter.

After exposure, separate the films. Process your film as usual.

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