Symposium: Handmade Emulsion Primitive Colour

Konrad & Kurfust - Esther Urlus

In this symposium we will discuss and show the state-of-the-art on handmade emulsion and primitive colour and the current situation of motion picture film as a tool for artist-filmmakers. Experts on early colour systems and processes will refer to what filmmakers could learn, and take benefit of, from the pioneers in this field.
Its focus centres on the scientific and artistic research of the forgotten, abandoned and unexplored areas of the photochemical processes used in early colour films. By researching into early cinema publications and documents, contemporary filmmakers are able to discover a wide range of processes that have been abandoned in their primitive stages of development,… Continue reading Symposium: Handmade Emulsion Primitive Colour

~ 26.06.2016
Screening: Handmade Emulsion Primitive Colour

Fascia (2 x 16mm | | 10 min | expanded | 2016) – Alex Mackenzie

From accidental narratives to the use of historical emulsion techniques and early colour systems, this screening program encompasses recent analogue works by the participants of the Handmade Emulsion Primitive Colour Project.
Including films and expanded cinema performances by: Robert Schaller (USA), OJOBOCA (DE), Lindsay McIntyre (CAN), Alex MacKenzie (CAN), Josh Lewis (USA) and Esther Urlus (NL).
● Chamber Cinema Set (16mm | 15 min | expanded* | 2016) Mono Duo & Robert Schaller
● Konrad & Kurfurst (16mm | 7 min | 2014) – Esther Urlus
● In the Backyarden (16mm | 4 min 53 s | 2015) –… Continue reading Screening: Handmade Emulsion Primitive Colour

~ 01.07.2016
Seminar: Handmade Emulsion Primitive Colour

Maddox  Seminar L'Abominable 2014

A number of filmmakers worldwide have the distinction of making their own emulsion to create their films. The Seminar Handmade Emulsion Primitive Colour will consist of a week of research during which participants will exchange knowledge, conduct practical experiments and test new formulas in order to take significant steps in this research.
Although not a replacement for commercially produced film stocks, hand crafting and coating silver gelatine emulsions can lead to new and creative ways of forming cinematic images. The process of handmade film emulsion is one that offers the filmmaker an unprecedented degree of creative intervention and expressiveness that simply cannot be accomplished with commercial film stocks.… Continue reading Seminar: Handmade Emulsion Primitive Colour

~ 04.06.2017
Workshop tour – Alternative Emulsions by Esther Urlus


A hands-on workshop that concentrates on two distinct Alternative Emulsion processes; Cyanotype, an iron emulsion process that produces a striking Prussian Blue image and Van Dyke Brown, an iron/silver emulsion that produces a beautiful and painterly sepia coloured image.… Continue reading Workshop tour – Alternative Emulsions by Esther Urlus